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All hunters who want to hunt here and the persons who accompany them have to know and to accept the rules and the hunting conditions from Romania.

In conformity with the Romanian laws, the solicitants have to be hunting members in their home country and to possess an accident insurance for them and for the accompanying persons, insurance valid also in Romania. We do not take any responsibility for the eventual damages occurred by any accident or unusual event suffered by the hunter or the accompanying persons for all the duration of staying in Romania.

We register the solicitations for hunting and solve the formalities of entering Romania, based on the order signed by the solicitant and transmitted to us at least 30 days in advance before the hunting date.

In our account it will be paid a 30% advance of the estimated value of the hunt and of the ordered services. 
In order to obtain the entrance permit in Romania with guns and ammunition, the solicitant has to transmit at least with 15 days before the arrival date, the information requested by us by the “Confirmation letter”.

In case that the solicitant postpones or cancels the order, by any reason, the registration 50% value is not refunded. The orders can be canceled without penalties at least 30 days before the hunters announced arrival date. In case of canceling, a fee of 15% will be retained. In case of proven force majeure (storm, fog, floods, unpredictable events), the parties are exonerated of the assumed obligations, with no penalties.

The person who signs the “Registration Order” is considered mandated for all persons written in the Order.

Inside the hunting ground, You will be accompanied by our qualified personnel. Preparation, cleaning and packing of the hunted trophies will be done by the organizer by skilled personnel. The measurement and evaluation of the hunted trophies will be done by our specialty commission, in the presence of the hunter.

After each hunt, there will be written a report, containing the shot game, the size of the trophies, wounded game, missed shots and the organizing fee. By all value it will be deducted the already paid advance value of 30%.

Final payment is made in cash, at the end of the hunt, after the evaluation of the trophies. By signing the protocol, the hunter confirms the correctness of the written data. The trophies can be taken by the hunter only accompanied by the official transport documents and after the payment of all fees.

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